We hope this animation helps you to learn how to play or remember the notes of the tin-whistle. Please leave a comment…Be honest!!!

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  1. Loved it!!! I think it will really remember or help people learn the tin-whistle!!!! It was great!! Caoilainn!

  2. I really love the sound of the tin whistle. Kirsten
    I like the way the names of the notes appeared as they were played. You might be able to play a short tune the next time. I think you must have worked really hard preparing this.Well Done! Leonie

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comments. Watch out for a new animation in the next few days! We’ll try to make another one with a short tune next year. Thanks for the idea!

  3. This is SUPER! It’s a really good reminder of which fingers to put where when you’re learning to play the tin-whistle. Well done everyone, lots of future teachers in the making I think!

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