Our Grandparents told us stories about life when they were growing up. We animated parts of them to show what we learned. Let us know what you think! Liya’s Grandpa passed away when we were making our film. She got her story from him. He didn’t get the chance to see the animation. May he rest in peace.

We animated some of our Grandparents stories to show what we learned in our History  project. We hope you enjoy it.

This is Team 3’s  animated project about life in our Grandparent’s time. Tell us what you think. Ava got some of the information from her Grandma who sadly died before she got to see our film. May she rest in peace.

This is our film from our Grandparent’s time. It is our history project made in school. It is set in Wales because Aífe’s Granny is Welsh. hope you enjoy this and learn something from our film. Please comment.

Here is our film set in our Grandparent’s time. We all gathered stories from our Grandparents. We put them together. Hope you enjoy! In memory of Mary Jane Beirne, Jack’s granny. She gave us a good story but she died before she saw our film. May she rest in peace.

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  1. Thanks so much to miss Moriarty for helping us throughmaking the film’s.
    we all enjoyed each other film’s
    hope we can make loads more before 3 rd class leave Miss Moriarty.
    Thanks again

  2. Love all the films!!!!Hope we make loads more before 3rd leave Miss Moriarty’s room to go to Miss Jordon’s room!!!And a BIG Thanks Miss Moriarty who let us use animation!!!!!Caoilainn

  3. Daddad loved our film’s he though it was very good and said to keep up the good work !!
    Nannie loved it aswell and said it was excelant!!
    : ] :] :] :]

  4. Fantastic effort by all the teams…such imagination…I really liked Team 4 as Jane my very special niece was involved in that one!! And I remember going to that shop when I was about Jane’s age…Keep up the good work…Martha Mc Gill, Melbourne

  5. They are all brilliant, reminded me of my childhood, making hay by hand, slabs of butter, having only 2 channels on TV (and I don’t think I’m that old!!!). Duff’s shop, loved it all. Well done and keep up the good work

    • We’re glad it reminded you of your childhood. We’ll be adding more soon so check it out again. School Cartoonz Team.

  6. Well done to everyone involved, you all did a great job, a special thanks to Jack & Ava for sharing their Grandma’s stories-she would be so proud x

    • Thank you for the lovely comments. We’re adding more soon so come back again! School Cartoonz Team

  7. Well done to all the teams especially team 1 and 5 my niece Niamh and nephew Liam were involved in these films. Brilliant imagination and excellent effort went into all films. Well done all!!!!

  8. Fabulous work by all the teams involved and very funny . We hope to see more good work in the future.

  9. Ciarán thought they were really good and wants to watch group 5s over and over again because I’m in the group and there is a duck in it.

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