Some of 3rd class made a little animation to explain multiplication. What do you think?
2nd class made an animation to explain ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’. What do you think of it?

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  1. Well done 2nd class was very good. I think it would help people younger than you to remember greater than and less than sign. Once again well done

  2. well done 2nd class love the animation it will certainly help me remember greater than and less than. really injoyed it. i really like the music you picked.

    • Thank you very much Clodagh. We like the music too and we’re glad it helps you remember the signs. It helps us too.

  3. Well done 2nd class!!! I think it was great!!! Classic crocodile!!! I really think if you show it to the juniors they will learn there greater than and less than!!!!! Ye really done a great job!!! Really love the music!!!!Did it take a long time to make?Great Caoilainn

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